Interview with Professor Strlič

In the frame of the series “Images of Knowledge”, Nina Slaček of the Radio ARS of the Slovenian National Broadcasting Corporation interviewed professor Strlič on 14 February 2020. This was a wide-ranging interview, but generally focusing on heritage science as a domain, its inherent interdisciplinarity, and a selection of research topics from library preservation to the smell of heritage.

As a topic of current interest, the use of principles of epidemiology and demography were discussed. Of particular interest was the recent research into heritage smells, how they are studied, recorded and preserved for posterity. On the topic of climate change, the discussion touched upon the issues related to preservation, where the long-term needs urgently need to be re-examined, as the energy requirements related to preservation are at odds with our simultaneous desire to preserve nature.

The interview (32:32min) is in Slovenian and accessible here. Photo credit: Nina Slaček.