About EGY/SLO Hub

Welcome to the Egyptian/Slovenian Heritage Science Collaboration platform, dedicated to bridging the cultural heritage of Slovenia and Egypt through a dynamic exchange of knowledge and experiences. 

Our mission is threefold: firstly, to unite experts and professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a collaborative space for the exploration of Slovenian-Egyptian interactions in cultural heritage. 

Secondly, we aspire to provide a forum for the sharing of valuable insights and ideas, creating networking opportunities that lay the groundwork for future joint initiatives in cultural heritage cooperation between these two nations. 

Lastly, our ambition is to transform the ideas cultivated during our colloquium into a concrete action plan, promoting sustained cooperation and fostering a deeper appreciation of the cultural ties between Slovenia and Egypt. 

Join us on this exciting journey as we embark on a transformative exploration of shared heritage, turning dialogue into action for the benefit of cultural preservation and appreciation.