Welcome to the Heritage Science Laboratory at the University of Ljubljana. The lab is based at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology and consists of a diverse group of researchers addressing interdisciplinary heritage science research questions. These often require cutting edge scientific skills and facilities, but also a highly collaborative approach to research. To read more about what shapes our research philosophy, consider this editorial by the Lab lead, professor Matija Strlič.

Our strengths are specifically in material and environmental science, as well as understanding the human angle of heritage. We develop instruments, methods and techniques to measure and monitor processes, materials, objects, collections, buildings or sites. We make these available to the research community through our publications or as research facilities themselves – we are actively involved in the development of the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science, including its node in Slovenia.

We work with diverse stakeholders, from conservators to the general public, and we collaborate with a significant number of institutions worldwide – see our research section.

Heritage science offers many rewards, and working with talented students and researchers is one of them. We teach various science and conservation courses at our university and elsewhere, but our door is widely open to collaboration with everyone. Do get in touch.