Smelling session for the smell working group

Dr. Fabiana Di Gianvincenzo and Emma Paolin, two of the HSLL researchers working in the ODOTHEKA project, will host a smelling session for the September meeting of the Smell Studies Graduate Student Working Group (SSG).

SSG is a group of young scholars and researchers involved in the study of smells from different points of view: from scientific to humanistic, from linguistic to social sciences, and beyond – you can read more here.

As part of the ODOTHEKA project, Fabiana and Emma have been trained to learn how to describe smells, and to develop a shared language of descriptors to identify smelling compounds. They will thus be guiding a smelling session with everyday items that are easy to find and have (approximately) the same smell all over the world.

The Smell Working Group offers a unique opportunity to collect descriptors from researchers looking at smells from completely different points of view, and not just the scientific one. Also, the Group is composed of researchers from all over the world, and from very different social and academic backgrounds. The descriptors might thus be very different from the ones used by the ODOTHEKA team in Ljubljana.

Figure: Emma Paolin and Dr. Fabiana Di Gianvincenzo smelling a replica of the Treaty of Krakow, at the Princes Czartoryski Museum in Krakow.

If you are a young scholar working with smell, or a (PhD) student working in the sensorial field, join the Smell Working Group! Show your interest by filling in this form:

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