“Up close” at Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana

The exhibition “Up close” was set up at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana from 22. December 2022 until 16. April 2023, which showed preservation, protection, and conservation of modern and contemporary art works: Exhibition | Up close: Preservation, Protection and Conservation-Restoration of Modern and Contemporary Works of Art | MG+MSUM (mg-lj.si)

The exhibition presented original artworks of modern and contemporary Slovenian artists. Besides the original artwork, conservation and restoration procedures were presented as well, which are not routinely performed and require intimate knowledge of the materials used in artwork. Scientific research into the materials composition and degradation was also presented as part of the exhibition.

The project lead at the UL FCCT was Professor Dr Irena Kralj Cigić and several students worked on the project. Some photos from the exhibition, during prof. Kralj Cigić’s presentation to University of Ljubljana Deans about the, are presented here.

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