American Slovenian Foundation Fellowship awarded to Lana Nastja Anžur

Lana Nastja Anžur, a PhD student at Heritage Science Laboratory, was granted the American Slovenian Foundation Fellowship. The purpose of the fellowship program is to strengthen research and study exchange between Slovenia and other countries; to give talented Slovenian students the ability to realize their potential to the fullest. Fellows are engaged in tutorial program, research projects and collaborations with other Fellows, under the supervision of esteemed ASEF mentors. Further, Junior Fellows are expected to contribute to ASEF and serve the Slovenian community under the guidance and mentorship of ASEF.

A part of the fellowship that Lana’s been awarded, is a grant for 10-week research visit to Institute for Research in the Social Sciences and Stanford Archaeology Center. Lana will be working on a project under the supervision of professor dr. Saša Čaval, researching the implications of socio-cultural values of cultural heritage.

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